Stavros Parpis Foodstuffs

The Cypriot personal company belonging to Stavros Parpis is one firm that puts in practice the slogan "Learn to eat healthily", which after all is its own motto. Its products are all products of the date palm(carob), a tree that has flourished on Cyprus since ancient times. In general carobs are product of Mediterranean countries, on Cyprus, however, they are by their very nature purely organic products, since the tress are not cultivated in organized plantations, but grow on their own in the wild.

The limestone bedrock of Cyprus significantly contribute to the especially attractive flavor of Cypriot carobs, which is the result of an increased content in sugars, relative to dates from other areas.

For many years now, the company of Stavros Parpis takes advantage of the natural wealth abundantly offered by the Cypriot land, to produce carob syrup, grape syrup, carob cream, grape cream, carob honey, grape honey, carob powder, carobolata as well as carob snack.

Company Information
Directors Stavros Parpis
Number of Employees 1-50